Antique Primitive 1-Piece Wooden Wool Carding Comb, 19th Century, Original Dark Patina

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Here's an especially primitive, antique wool carding comb in very good, well-preserved condition! Hewn, carved and crafted from a single piece of wood, it has a crude design and is very folksy looking. This comb dates back to the 19th Century and saw plenty of use back in its day but remains in very good shape. It has 22 wooden teeth, a few of which have slight damage at the tips due to the rigorous work this early textile tool saw. A couple of the wooden teeth are warped but could be straightened by soaking in water. We think it adds to the look of the comb. This piece is right out of an old barn and has a beautiful, dark, untouched, dry patina that's shows plenty of age and wear. You can still see lots of original carving marks all over this early piece. The coloring is superb, and its overall look is quite beautiful.

This comb measures 16 1/2 inches high, 11 1/2 inches wide and it has a thickness that ranges from 3/4 inch to just 1/4 inch. Of course, the dimensions vary a bit depending where taken, again due to the primitive nature of this piece. There are no active termites, woodworms or problems with dry rot. This is a great item to display just about anywhere. Whether you are a fiber enthusiast, a collector of country antiques, or just someone looking for a unique item to decorate your home, this carding comb is very nice find. Not a reproduction. Authenticity guaranteed. Quick shipping from Buffalo, NY! Don't miss out!

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