Antique Country Primitive Carved Wooden Harness Maker's or Cobbler's Vise; As-Found Rustic 19th Century Tool


Here's a primitive implement we found while picking through an old barn. This is a carved wooden harness maker's or cobbler's vise for working with leathers, in exceptionally well-preserved condition! It has a hinged, 2-piece design with a threaded wooden rod that is joined using a mortise and tenon. An oval shaped threaded wooden piece is screwed on to the rod and tightens the two pieces of the press together, like a clamp. Simple yet ingenious, it's a wonderful, handmade tool that was likely used for multiple purposes. Sometimes vises like this one would be fastened to a wooden workbench. It has a folksy-looking handle with a hole that could be used for hanging on the wall when not in use. It has a fabulous, original, undisturbed patina that's smooth to the touch and has all the wonderful features of century-plus old wood! It's from back in the days when people used make-do tools and contraptions to get things done. This piece is museum quality that would display well most anywhere and could serve as a very unique, decorative conversation piece. It measures 20 1/2 inches long, 8 inches at its widest and about 7 1/2 inches deep/thick.

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