Original 1953 Donald Duck Cola Bottles & 6-Pack Carrier; Vintage Walt Disney

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Here’s an original set of 1953 Donald Duck Cola bottles with 6-pack carrier right out of an attic! Made by General Beverage Co. of Chattanooga, Tennessee from 1952-1955, these bottles are dated 1953. These are the pinched-style bottles with the image of Donald Duck and “Donald Duck Cola” each painted on two sides. 5 are in excellent condition and aren’t scratched up, chipped, cracked, or cloudy. One bottle has damage at the opening as pictured. One of the bottles has a pink hue to it while the others are clear. Another still has a bottle cap on it. The cardboard 6-pack carrier has bright colors and sharp graphics. It is still strong, sturdy, and attractive but has a separation at one side that has been tape-repaired on the inside. Stored away for decades, the set displays nicely and is rare and ready to add to your collection!

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