April, 1935 Strength and Health Bodybuilding Magazine; Vol. 3, No. 5, Sam Loprinzi


Scarce, April 1935 issue of Strength and Health magazine in very good condition. Volume 3, number 5; 52 pages, complete and intact. Cover photo features bodybuilder Sam Loprinzi. Contents include:

Health Hints Dr Frederick Tilney
A Page of Bar Bell Men
Exercises to Develop all the Muscles Bob Hoffman
Little Known Facts Concerning the Heart Dr Walter C LaBerge
The Eyes, Their Care and How to Strengthen Them Alan Carse
Do They Call You Fatty? Arthur F Gay
Improve Your Agility Harry Good
Health Cranks Lurten Cunningham
Especially for Strength & Health Boys Bob Hoffman
Ask Strength & Health Dr Frederick Tilney
Eating For Health and Effciency Dr Frederick Tilney
All That I am, I Owe to Bar Bell Training Joe Raymond
Sandow Wins His First Laurels in London Siegmund Klein
Gym Gems Ray Van Cleef
Self Defense Billy Sandow
I Was Given Three Months to Live Roger Eells
Beauty Building for Women Rosetta Hoffman
Secrets of Success
Vital Points on Health and Strength Antone Matysek
Strength & Health League Notes
Weight Lifting News
Report of Lifting Shows and Events


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