Vintage 1950s Super Giant Charley Punch Board; Warehouse Find; Never Used, New Old Stock Gambling Punchboard


Genuine Warehouse Find! Never-used vintage 1950s punchboard in very good condition! These were typically found in shops and bars and used as trade stimulators. A customer would pay a small price to punch a hole, hoping to win a prize. This particular punchboard is called "SUPER GIANT CHARLEY BOARD" and was priced $1.00 per punch.

While some boards offered small prizes like cigarettes, candy, or even watches, this one paid off in cash. This board is a bit different from most we have seen. Inside each of the holes are six tiny slips of paper or tickets, as they are referred to. Each ticket has a number printed on it. If the paper had one of the winning numbers shown on the advertising portion of the punchboard, they won a prize of $2.00 or $5.00. Because each hole punched has multiple tickets inside, it's possible to win more than once.

This punchboard is very well preserved, though the metal punch piece is missing. No holes have been punched. It measures 12 3/4" high by 13 1/2" wide by 1 thick. It displays wonderfully and is a cool, old, gambling piece! It's been in storage for around 65 years, so it shows some minor age. The payout was changed at some point in its history. A nice deal for just $24! Wonderfully vivid colors and a nice, period look. You won't be disappointed!


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