Original 1926 Liberty Milk Co. Bottle, Buffalo NY; Statue of Liberty; Authentic Antique Pint Milk Bottle


Nice, ribbed glass milk bottle in good condition! The front reads "Property of Liberty Milk Co. Incorporated, Buffalo, N.Y.". The back side reads "One Quart Liquid" and features an embossed image of The Statue of Liberty. This bottle measures 9 1/2" high and is well preserved but has some small imperfections. It was found by a scuba diver in the Buffalo River where it had been for decades. It has some minor abrasions but as you see in the photos, it looks nice and presents well. It has some hints of iridescence to it too. It has a large embossed letter L with another encircled L on the bottom of the bottle and a number "27'. There are a lot of colored glass reproduction bottles of this design on the market. Colored bottles without a recessed lip for a cap are definitely reproductions! This is a scarce, original, bottle, guaranteed. If you are in the Buffalo area and want to save the shipping cost, come pick up!

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