Antique Days O Work Embossed Heavy Metal Tobacco Mold; Industrial Decor, Advertising Sign, Press, 1920s


Vintage 1920s DAYS O WORK metal chewing tobacco stamp mold in very good condition. It's a 12" by 12" embossed metal sheet with 24 logos that was used to press the brand name on each chunk of chewing tobacco for retail sale.

As part of the manufacturing process, one of these sheets would be placed atop a large piece of processed tobacco. Pressure was applied to imprint the "DAYS O WORK" name into the tobacco. The product was then cured, cut to size, wrapped and boxed for sale.

Again, this rugged, yet thin, metal sheet measures approximately 12" x 12" and weighs about 14 ounces. As the photos indicate, it is very well preserved with some slight surface rust/oxidation, light wear and a little old tobacco residue in a few places. There is still a bit of a waxy coating on the back that was used to keep the tobacco from sticking. This is a great, original, old collectible that displays well and is a super piece of early 1900s advertising! If you like signs and tobacco related items, this is an authentic item you'll appreciate!

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