Original 1960 Montgomery Ward Garden Catalog Featuring Seeds, Shrubs, Trees, Bulbs, Vegetables, Flowers, Planters, Tools; Wards Garden Book


Here's an original, vintage 1960 Wards Garden Book in very good condition! It's loaded with 92 pages of garden and landscaping related items, including many vividly colored pages featuring flowers, trees, bushes, shade trees, flowering trees and more! You'll find nearly everything one would want to dress up their gardens including bulbs, plants, shrubs, bushes, trees, vines, roses, ground cover, evergreens, seeds, etc. Lots of content of various garden implements such as sprinkling cans, wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels, sheds, trellises, planters, pergolas, and more. This catalog was stored in a file cabinet for decades and it has been very well preserved! It's a 62-year-old catalog that's completely intact and in nice condition! Most of these were thrown away after use! Try and find another, this is a scarce, Montgomery Ward catalog!

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