Antique Primitive Pierced Tin Trivet for Flatiron or Charcoal Iron; 19th Century


Here's an absolutely charming, antique, tin trivet in very good, as-found condition! Its original purpose was to hold hot flat irons or charcoal irons so as not to damage other surfaces. It's very folksy looking with pierced, whimsical decorations and letters as well. One decoration includes crisscrossed skeleton keys near the point.

Most old trivets found today are cast iron and among them are lots of newly made reproductions. This one we guarantee to be old and original. Scarce and historical, it's unusual to find an old tin trivet as tinware often got damaged or rusted and crumbled, over time.

This one measures 9 1/2 inches long, 4 3/4 inches wide at the back, near the handle, and 1 inch at the point, in the front. It has three metal feet, and the upper surface has scalloped edges to keep the iron from falling off. We have shown a flatiron with the trivet in one of the photos to demonstrate its purpose; it is not included but available separately.

As mentioned, this old, pierced tin trivet is just as we found it. It's well-preserved with only very minor surface rust. It has the most wonderful, old, original patina! The look is very colonial, and it displays well on the wall, table, or counter. You won't be disappointed in this!

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