Antique Mountain Rose Herbaline Medicine Tin Can, 19th Century remedy, Springsteen Medicine Co., Cleveland, Ohio; OLD STOCK, NOS!


Genuine, 19th Century advertising medicine tin in very good, well-preserved condition! It's a short, squat can with great period graphics that read: "Mountain Rose Herbaline" and "Manufactured by Springsteen Medicine Co. Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A." Manufactured in the 1890s, we found a small quantity of them that had been still packed on top of another in a box where they sat for decades, untouched. There is a threaded opening on the top that was designed for a screw on cover which is missing. These cans show wear from age but they have never been used. Each is green with black lettering and gold leaf shadow and decorations. Absolutely fabulous 1800's country store item that looks great wherever displayed! Only a small amount available and at a great price too! Measurements: 2 5/8" high by 3 inches diameter.

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