Vintage 1940s 3 Blade Solid Brass Boat Propeller; Nautical Art; Marine Decor; Signed Michigan AMC 380


We offer a very nice, vintage, brass, boat propeller in well-preserved condition. It has three blades and has an overall diameter of 9 3/8 inches (length & width is 9 3/8") by 2 7/8 " high. One of the open ends (shafts) measures 2 13/16 inches in diameter while the other end is 1 1/8" by 7/8". It is marked "Michigan" and is stamped "AMC 380".

Interesting fact about this piece is that it was found on the bottom of Lake Erie, right off the shores of Buffalo, NY by a scuba diver friend. He believes this propeller had been on the lake's bottom for decades. We cleaned it up some and found it to be in nice shape! Of course, it could be polished to your liking, but we think it looks great just as it is! The blades are not bent or chewed up on the edges from contact with rocks.

This old brass propeller could likely be put back to use with a boat of the same era. If you like nautical- themed home decor, image how this would look in your home! It's a nice piece of marine art that would make a great gift idea for someone special!

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