Antique Country Primitive Staved Wooden Piggin Handled Bucket with Iron Bands


Here's an, old, staved, piggin-handled bucket with a fantastic look! Made of wooden staves, it measures about 11 1/2 inches high overall, with an opening diameter of about 10 1/4 inches. The bottom diameter measures around 9 1/2 inches across, however, measurements in primitive pieces can often vary in places due the imprecise way they were made.

The wooden staves of this bucket are held tightly together by thick, iron bands that keep it strong and sound. The staves swell when wet and squeeze against the bands making it watertight. One of the wooden staves extends higher than the rest and serves as a handle of sorts.

This piece dates back to the 19th Century and shows plenty of age from past use and wear. It was hidden away in an old barn for generations and has an old, grungy, untouched patina that only past use and the passage of time could have created. We brushed off dirt and residue and wiped it down. It has all the charms of old wood that make it beautiful including ground-in dirt, grooves, stains, uninhabited worm hole and signs of past use. There is no infestation, rot, or bad smells. The iron bands have rust that has colored the wood in some places. Other places have eroded and darkened, all of which contributes to the great appearance of this piece. The bottom is sound, rugged, and in good shape; there is a tiny hole.

If you like primitives, especially those with nice color and worn surfaces, you'll love this piggin! It has a wonderful, country appearance and looks great displayed almost any place!

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