Antique Primitive Wooden Coffee Grinder; Old, Rustic, Country Coffee Mill


Early 1900s primitive wooden Coffee Grinder found in an attic very recently. It has a simple, box-shaped design, along with original hopper cover and grinding arm with wood knob still in place. The hopper opening is revealed by turning the round bezel around the top of the grinder. Coffee beans were placed inside and ground up by turning the arm. The grounds would fall below, where a drawer likely used to be. This piece still works but probably is best utilized as a kitchen decoration unless perhaps you give it a thorough cleaning. It has a great, county look with a nice, rich patina and some very minor surface rust around the hopper. It shows age and wear and is not perfect but yet very charming! The box portion of the grinder measures 4 3/4" L by 4 3/4" W and is 6 1/2 inches high (up to where the grinding arm attaches). As the photos show, it's nice looking and displays very well. It's a great, old, item to decorate your kitchen or coffee shop!

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