Vintage Coca Cola Dry Server, Bottle Drip Protector Sleeve featuring Large Red Coke Cooler, Woman Drinking Coke


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Vintage 6 7/8" tall Coca-Cola dry server featuring a hand holding a red carton of Coke. It also has an illustration of a young woman drinking from a Coke bottle. It reads: "It's the real thing" and shows a large, red Coca Cola store cooler full of bottles. Paper sleeves like this one were dispensed from Coke machines and available where cold Coke was sold. The refrigeration in the old machines made the bottles sweat, so bottles were placed in these sleeves to keep them dry. Some people call them bottle bags, drip protectors, dry servers, and bottle sleeves. It has copyright dates of 1927 and 1932. Part of a warehouse find, it is old stock that was never used and is in excellent condition! Would look great framed!

*Bottle sold separately

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