80 Antique Brass Tokens for Slots, Amusement Games, Gambling 1930s

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Here's a deal! 80 vintage brass amusement tokens in various conditions. I have a friend who is a scuba diver and he found a bunch of these in the Buffalo River and Lake Erie, close to shore where they had been for decades. He believes they came from the old taverns and establishments that once lined the Buffalo, NY harbor. They have phrases like "For Amusement Only", "No Cash Value", "Property of O.K. Vender", "Loaned for Amusement Only", etc. Despite what they say, they likely were used for gambling in some places. These were underwater for more than three quarters of a century and have not been cleaned. They show age, some show wear, some are crusty and need scrubbing. All are old, original and are an interesting find from a long-gone era. Buyer receives actual tokens shown in the photos. Great value for the money!

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