New! Antique Style 2-Piece Turned Nutmeg Grinders, Pepper Mills, Spice Graters! Ready for finishing, distressing, painting


We have a talented craftsman friend in the Baltic country of Lithuania who makes us these folksy-looking spice grinders that closely resemble the antique ones we also sell. He's 83 years old and does things the way he learned when he was a child, including carving the new dough bowls we also offer. These turned, two-piece graters are like mortar and pestles, each with a punched piece of tin attached. The nutmeg, peppercorns, or other spices are placed inside the bottom portion and the the top piece is put inside. With a little pressure, the top piece is turned back and forth, creating friction and grinding up the spice into powder. Each of these graters is unique and ready for you to distress or add your own type of finish, paint, or other decorative touches!

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