Antique Country Primitive Redware Pottery Jar; 19th Century Slip & Oxide Green, Mustard Decorated Pot


Here's an exceptional piece of antique folk art pottery to decorate your home or add to a collection! We found this old, decorated, redware pot while rummaging through an old home and it dates back to the mid-19th Century. It shows plenty of age but is in good shape and has the most interesting surface !

Colored with oxides, this early piece is lead glazed in green and mustard yellow with a little mottling. It has hand-applied, whimsical, slip decorations that were glazed over, giving it a very unique appearance. Sections of the surface were left exposed and unglazed on purpose to create a landscape effect that highlights the slip decorations that resemble flowers and leaves. The borders of the glazed and unglazed sections are highlighted in mustard yellow coloring which really makes this piece pop! Adding to its primitive charm, there's a spot where you can see where the potter missed a spot and left part of a unglazed slip branch or leaf showing!

Some other details include the area near the bottom edge, as well as the underside, which were purposely not glazed. All the uncoated portions of the surface have a dry, grungy patina from usage and generations of storage in a dirt floor cellar. Just below the pinched opening rim, there are two incised lines that encircle the piece.

This was the type of container that saw regular use; it wasn't considered special back in its day. It was likely used in food preparation and storage. It shows age and wear inside and out with 2 chips in the rim, some glaze loss in small places, and surface erosion, particularly on the bottom of the inside, where it saw lots of use. None of its flaws are structurally threatening; it isn't cracked and it's thick-walled. It's a solid, rugged piece that will be around for more than another century if properly cared for!

As for size, this pot is about 9 inches tall with an opening diameter of 7 inches, while the bottom narrows to 4 1/2 inches across. As the photos show, it displays wonderfully and is likely one of a kind. Guaranteed old and authentic, this redware pot is a unique piece of pottery that's sure to draw attention wherever its displayed! Though it could probably stand a more thorough cleaning, you won't be disappointed in this!


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