Antique Carved Wooden Flax Wool Carding Comb; Heckle, Hetchel, Primitive 19th Century Handmade Linen Making Tool


Here's a very primitive, antique, hand-held flax or wool comb with carved whimsical decorations! Discovered in an old barn among other old fiber tools, this early comb shows plenty of age and wear from generations of storage and years of vigorous use! It has a gorgeous, grungy, dry old patina and a surface that still has visible carving marks on the on the handle. That handle has been worn smooth in places from all the hands that held it doing hard work. It measures about 13 3/4 inches long, 3 7/8 inches at its widest and has forged square iron nails/spikes that are around 5 inches long. These nails vary a little in length due to their primitive nature and are actually anchored in a piece of antler. Used to prepare flax and wool for spinning, this old comb is still rugged and quite usable! This is a scarce, antique tool not often found anymore. It's guaranteed old and original! It almost looks like a primitive weapon! Great looking early item to display too!

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