Lot of 3 Fabulous Antique Wooden Drawers, Primitive Boxes with Stenciled Numbers, Original As-Found Patina; 19th Century Decor, Reuse

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We recently found a small quantity of these very charming, old drawers/boxes in an old barn we were lucky enough to pick through. We aren't exactly sure what their original purpose was but they sure do have a great look! Each has a stenciled number in old black paint and a finger hole presumably to pull it open. These have an interesting shape that almost resemble scoops. When turned on their ends, they make great holders for letters/envelopes, utensils, candles, pencils, etc. Of course they look fantastic displayed in various configurations just as they are, but these drawers have tremendous potential for upcycling too. Each box measures 9 1/4 inches long overall while the top portion is 6 1/4 inches long. They are 3 3/4 inches wide, and 3 3/4 inches high. As found with an old, original patina, they are in dusty but in excellent condition. Its apparent they were made in the 19th Century. They might have been from an old general store display case and held small merchandise of some sort. Whatever they were used for in the past, these old, wooden boxes can be made into something really cool! Buyer gets the three shown together in the first photo!

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