Vintage 1940s - 50s Coca Cola Bottle; Antique Green Glass Coke Bottle, Famous Hobbleskirt Shape; Pick Your City!


Vintage Coca-Cola 6 oz. hobbleskirt bottles in very good condition. Made of thick, green glass, these date from the 1940s-50s. This is the style bottle often depicted in old Coke advertising and also dispensed by the old Coca-Cola vending machines. No rust, cracks, chips or excessive wear and tear. These are well preserved because they were recovered from the Buffalo River in Buffalo, NY, where they sat on the bottom for more than 60 years! They are in nice shape because the water preserved them. There might be minor signs of age, but as the photos show, they are nice! Many are embossed on the bottom with the location of their original bottling plant. These authentic, classic pieces of Americana look great displayed anywhere. (2 rare, Canadian bottles available too; same style and design, except they are clear glass). All Coca-Cola bottles $12.50 each, plus postage. Multiple purchases get better postage rates if shipped together, refund of any overage will be sent. Most are in similar condition as shown. Unique holiday gift idea!! You won't be disappointed!

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