Vintage 1930s CANDY SPECIAL 5 Cent Punch Board; NOS Warehouse Find; Never Used Old Stock Gambling Punchboard


Genuine Warehouse Find! Never-used, vintage 1930s punchboard in excellent condition! These were found in shops and bars and used as trade stimulators. A customer would pay a small price to punch a hole, hoping to win a prize. This particular punchboard is called "CANDY SPECIAL" and was priced 1 cent per punch.

While some boards offered prizes like cigarettes, candy, or even cash, this one paid off in candy bars! Inside the little holes are tiny slips of paper with numbers printed on them. If the paper from the chosen hole had a number ending in 5 or 0, the customer won a candy bar. The last sale on the board received 5 candy bars.

This punchboard is very well preserved and no holes have been punched. It was found still wrapped in shipping paper! In fact, the metal punch piece is still enclosed in the the back. It measures 7 5/8" long by 4 3/8" high by 1/2" thick. It displays wonderfully and is a cool, old, gambling piece! A nice deal for just $17! Wonderfully vivid colors with an illustration of a girl with her dress blowing up. Great look with only very minor wear from decades of storage. Super vintage piece of memorabilia.

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