Vintage Sunbeam Bread Delivery NOS Door Hanger Advertisement


Here's a never-used vintage 1950s door hanger for Sunbeam Bread. These would be hung on the front door of homes by the bread delivery man cradling a loaf of bread. It advertises Sunbeam bread as "New York State's Finest Loaf". The hanger has the Sunbeam girl on one half, and a picture of the Sunbeam loaf of bread on the other half. The back has no printing.

A hole at each end of the hanger fits over the door handle, creating a loop in the hanger that holds the bread. There is a manufactured fold/bend line in the center that helps form the loop. To ship, we will lightly roll this piece and place in a tube or box to avoid creasing.

It's in very good condition, and never used. There is some slight yellowing age/staining that has around the edges, which is expected since these are over 60 years old. It measures about 22" long x 7" wide. Awesome graphics! Unusual warehouse find!

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