32 diff. Vintage Unused 1920s Lithographed Seed Packs; Card Seed Co., Fredonia NY Warehouse Find! Old Authentic Packets! PREMIUM ASSORTMENT


Exceptional, colorful collection of 32 different seed packets from the Card Seed Company of Fredonia, NY. Never used and stored away for decades, these lithographed packets were discovered in a warehouse a number of years ago, in very good condition. They have vivid colors and incredible detail! Framed and matted, they look awesome when hung on kitchen and dining room walls! This premium assortment contains some of the scarcer packets that are normally sold individually at higher prices and is different from the other sets we offer. You'll find this collection to have more color and variety than what others sell. Buyer receives every packet shown in the photos. You won't be disappointed!

*Please note: These are vintage 1920s, never-used packets. No seeds are inside.

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