Pair of Cardboard 100+ Year Old Janney's Stick Candy Boxes; Country Store, Old Stock, Never Used, Janny-Marshall Co., Fredericksburg, VA


If you like country store collectibles, you'll love this pair of never-used candy boxes that were part of a warehouse find made not long ago! These are new old stock stick candy boxes from the Janney-Marshall Co. of Fredericksburg, Virginia.

One box was for 2 1/2 pounds of Janney's Stick Candy and measures 5 7/8 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 3 3/4 inches high, when assembled. Some of the flavors listed on the box include; Lemon, Mint, Hoarhound, Anise, Sassafras, White Cream, Rose, Wintergreen, Banana, and Peanut Bar, among others. The second box was meant to hold 5 pounds of various Janney's Candies and measures 6 1/4 inches long, 4 1/4 inches wide, and 8 1/8 inches high. Some candies listed on the box include: Mix Drops, Acid Drops, Jackson Balls, Arnolds Mix, Peach Stones, H.H. Drops, Lemon Cakes and Mink Cakes.

Both boxes read: " No Glucose - No adulteration of any kind used in the manufacture of these goods. Guaranteed by Janney-Marshall Co. under Food and Drugs Act. June 30th 1906. These never-used packages date back to the early days of the company, probably between 1915- 1920, judging from the patriotic colors and design of the graphics. Due to their age and generations of storage, there is some yellowing and darkening near the edges, a testament to their authenticity and sort of an enhancement to their already charming appearance.

Janney-Marshall was a 106 year-old business had several different facets including being a supplier for general stores, a candy manufacturer, coffee and nut roasters, furniture retailers and finally a cleaning product and paper supply company. It only went out of business three years ago. These antique candy boxes are a nice piece of that company's legacy. They display wonderfully and have a fabulous look! Buyers will receive two, flat, never folded boxes that can be easily assembled if so desired.


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