Larkin Co. Inc. Carpet Soap Powder: Buffalo, NY; Vintage Advertising Box


Here's a vintage 1930s box of Larkin Co. Carpet Soap Powder just as we found it. It was sitting on a shelf of a closet of an old house, where it had been untouched for decades! It was manufactured and sold by the Larkin Soap Company, which was headquartered in Buffalo, NY from about 1875 to the early 1940s. Reasonably well-preserved with some original contents still inside, this cardboard package is covered in a printed paper wrap-type label. It has an early look in bright orange with simple graphics, Larkin Co. logos, suggested uses and directions. The package was opened according to directions with two holes punched in the top.

This 11 oz. package measures 5 5/8" H, 3 3/8" L, and 2" W. It shows some age and shelf wear with a pencil marking and a light stain but still looks good and displays well. The box is sound, solid and not brittle. As many know, Larkin Soap items are quite collectible and the former factory and grounds here in the Buffalo area have been experiencing a rebirth with new development. Larkin also had facilities in Peoria and Philadelphia. Most of these boxes were thrown out after use since they couldn't be repurposed like the older glass containers Larkin once used. It's a scarce, original piece of Larkin advertising/packaging that would certainly make a significant addition to any collection!


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