Antique Railroad Lantern; Soviet Sergievsky Railway Candle Lamp


Here's an old and unique piece not commonly found! This is an antique Soviet-made railroad lantern we brought back from a visit to the country of Lithuania a number of years ago. Lithuania is a former Soviet territory and the first to break away when the union started to crumble. This steel and glass candle lantern has an embossed marking in cyrillic that translates to Sergievsky, the name of a Soviet plant run by the Ministry of Railways. The top of this lantern opens and it also has a couple of doors that do, as well. All windows have glass. There is a large, hoop-like handle at the top and also a pole holder on the side. There is a round reflector on the inside that has surface rust. This lantern does manage to throw off a lot of light with a single lit candle! Its old black and red paints, along with age and wear, give it a wonderful appearance. It's probably the only one in the US and we couldn't find another like it online! Solid, sound, and sturdy, you won't be disappointed in this!


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