Antique Country Primitive Wooden Washboard; Old Farmhouse Rustic Original!


Very nice antique wooden washboard in very good, original condition! Made with a rippled, galvanized steel panel, housed in a wooden frame and in is very good shape with no warping or rotted wood. The bottom of the legs show slight wear and are just a tad darker from where they sat in the washtub. One side of the galvanized panel has surface rust. No rot; wood is not soft.
Overall, it measures 24 inches high, inches long, and 1 3/4 inches wide. The frame was originally built with wooden pegs and mortise joints. A couple of the pegs have been replaced by nails over the years. It's a great looking, handmade antique washboard that has been well-preserved. Super item for wall decor and for display among other antiques! Great for country and farmhouse themed rooms!

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