Handmade Wooden Basket with Handle; Splint, Gathering, Market, Ribbed, Buttocks Style, God's Eye Crossing


On a trip to Lithuania about 10 years ago we saw an old woman selling baskets on the side of the road we were traveling on. Naturally we had to stop and check out her wares! She had a large selection of great-looking baskets she had made, they very closely resembled the ribbed, buttocks-style antique baskets we had been buying on the same trip. She told us, through a translator, that her mother had taught her how to make them when she was a little girl. We were on a buying trip for antiques but we just had to have some of these baskets she had made with a skill that had been handed down through the generations. Now we have finally decided to part with a few to make some room in our crowded shop. Each is beautifully crafted with bent wood frames and handle, skillfully woven with God's eyes on each end. They are very tight and rugged and very functional as well as decorative. They are typically used for gathering mushrooms in the forest in Lithuania but are just about the same style used for going to the market as well. Even though these baskets are ten years old, they still have a newer, unweathered look. Though there is some slight aging, they have no finish and can be stained other colors if desired. They measure roughly 8 3/4 inches long, 8 inches high, and 8 inches wide. So very cute, they look great when filled with balls of yard among other things! Only a couple available so don't miss out!

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